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        made by mast
        Pinch Hold Collection

        Just sit back, relax
        and get stronger

        Just sit back, relax and get stronger.
        Maybe you've got climbing holds above every doorway to keep up your strength in readiness for those multi day climbs. Or maybe you go to the rocks every now and again just to get out and have fun. Well with a Pinch Hold Mug, even when your relaxing with a cuppa, you'll be getting a little bit stronger.

        Buy now from
        Dicks Climbing, Bristol
        mug  -   espresso cup
        Amazon, omnipresent
        mug  -        
        or from these other real shops

        슬롯 머신 프로그램

        The Pinch Hold Mug
        The Pinch Hold Mug
        The Pinch Hold Mug

        Maybe you don’t climb, but it would obviously make a great gift for climbers you know, not to mention a perfect fathers day gift.

        These first editions are not graded for difficulty, but designed to be lifted by anyone though still requir a good pinch and therefore build strength. Obviously, enjoying a hot drink from one means you don't want to let go, so take care during this climbing exercise.


        The Pinch Hold Mug
        The Pinch Hold Mug
        The Pinch Hold Mug
        Hand made in Stoke on Trent, England.

        The Pinch Hold Mug and Espresso Cup are as beautiful as they are practical. Made from quality stoneware by crafts people in one of England’s oldest pottery areas. The Pinch Hold Mug's generous proportions give you a decent sized cuppa, and the Espresso cup is designed to classic Italian standards to fit a double espresso with room for a dash of steamed milk.

        An ma3t design.

        You'll find the designers' mark, ma3t, proudly embossed on the bottom. ma3t are a collective formed in London, but now spread over the world. Set up partly as an outlet for their quirky creativity and partly to help fund the other side of ma3t: TEAM. TEAM aim to create seemingly commercial products and services that cause people to re-evaluate the world around them.


        Norsk Tindesenter, Åndalsnes, Norway


        슬롯 머신 프로그램

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